Monday, May 11, 2009

The crib monster strikes

Every since Cameron started her morning nap, it has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because she sleeps for 2.5 to 3 hours which means I can either get a lot of stuff done around the house or take a nap myself. A curse because she really likes to nap in her bed which means we are tied to the house. The best thing about a newborn is that she tends to be really mobile and will sleep anywhere. Now that Cameron is almost 7 weeks, we have moved away from that mobility. I manage to sneak out with her to Barnes and Noble or Starbucks for about an hour in the early afternoon and then it's right back to the house for her first afternoon nap.

I know, I shouldn't be complaining because she is such a good sleeper. She is still going down before 9 PM and sleeping until 4 AM for her feeding. Technically that is sleeping through the night although I would prefer a few more hours...I just hope that going into daycare at 12 weeks won't screw it up. I did speak with another mother whose daughter has been in the program since she was 6 weeks old and the mother seemed really happy with the daycare. So that relieved my mind a little. But I won't be reassured completely until Cameron has been there a few weeks and is still the perfect angel she is for us!

DH and I went to a picnic this weekend. I dressed up Cameron in an outfit that her Uncle Ross sent her. DH also surprised me with a beautiful locket for Mother's Day and a lunch out! Another Mother's Day surprise was that the eggs in our nest hatched. They are little furballs right now but I'm sure they will be flying any time now.


Amanda said...

So cute, I will say I'm a bit jealous that cameron is such a good napper b/c holden is not. However, he will sleep in the car seat if it stays moving whether in the car or in a shopping cart.

Donna said...

I l*o*v*e the hat! Great pictures! I do want to say that if daycare changes things, it isn't always a bad thing - just different. Oh, I wanted to tell you to look out for the first laugh. Don't know if Cameron is laughing/giggling yet, but DS2 did so early. I had a silk robe on and the sleeve hit his face, the giggles were precious! Also try tickling her by hanging your hair in her face as she is lying down! So cute!!!