Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AI Season 8: Final 2 perform

This is it, kids! Probably the most exciting season finale since last season's showdown between Archuleta and Cook. Similarly to last year we have two very different singers and it could really be anyone's win at this point. Will I vote? I've only voted once in my long history with AI: for Carrie Underwood. I doubt I will be voting tonight but Adam Lambert might just win me over.

I am recapping this without my trusty recapping partner, DH, who is up in Boston for a couple of days. But Cameron has been asleep since 8 PM and I have a large glass of wine sitting next to me so here we go!

This is American Idol.

Remember how far we've come since the auditions? Who knew Lil Rounds would crap out with her terrible song choices? Or Danny Gokey's widower-hood wouldn't see him through to the finals? Or that my dreams of winning my AI pool would be over in the very first week with Jasmine's elimination? Good times.

Ryan introduces the judges and I say a little prayer that Kara won't be returning next season (although reports say she will) and Simon will ink a multi-year deal. Because really, who else could be so honest and spot on with the judging?

Ryan then introduces Kris and Adam. Wow, I don't think I ever realized how short Kris is. He's even smaller than Ryan.

The format for this episode is the following:
  • Favorite performance from the season
  • A song selected by Simon Fuller (it used to be Clive Davis but considering his cadaverous appearance last season I'm not surprised he's not there)
  • The "winning" single to be released

Ryan tells us that the show will go long so we need to set our DVRs accordingly. Well, it's 9:05 as I start this so you all might be missing out on the last few minutes. Hopefully it's just filler.

Adam starts us off and we're told that he didn't sleep through the night until he was 18 months old. If Cameron pulls that crap with me I'm looking into a return policy. He goes with "Mad World" from the "Songs from the year they were born" week. He does just as well, if not better this time around. I really like when he slows things down because he tends to pick more manic songs. Randy is wearing a suit (odd choice for him) and likes the choice of the sensitive song. He gives Adam and A+. Kara also praises the song choice. Paula looks a little too tan in her lime green shirt. She tells Adam to bask in the adoration of the crowd and also likes the subdued performance. Simon called the performances a little over-theatrical but I wonder if he's trying to be a little disparaging to get voters to call in...

Kris is the antithesis of Adam in his shyness according to his parents. Ryan shells for iTunes and American Idol banks another million. Kris goes with "Ain't No Sunshine" accompanied on the piano. Kris was given the money spot on the first performance of this song and it was well deserved then as it is now. Both he and Adam did a great job picking their best performances from the season. I like this aspect of the final show. The camera flashes on his wife (yes, he has a wife not that the producers are advertising that!) and she is wearing some kind of prom dress. Randy called it one of Kris' best performances. Kara agrees with Randy. Paula says Kris "awakens the spirit." Simon takes back his doubt of Kris as a finalist and thinks he won Round 1.

"Change Is Gonna Come" is Simon Fuller's selection for Adam Lambert. Adam starts it out slow and looks pretty slick in his shiny grey suit. There is no doubt that Adam is by far the more polished and energetic performer of the two. I can absolutely see him headlining his own tour. I eagerly anticipate when Adam steps it up on the song which he does by launching into his falsetto. Another great performance. Randy said Adam can sing his face off. Kara called it his best performance and interpretation of the song. It's a love fest up there. Paula stands up and swings her arm in a lasso motion around her head. I wonder if she got a little too much sun. Simon said Adam is back in the game.

Kris gets "What's Going On" and apparently Simon Fuller is a big R&B fan. Kris "Jack Johnsons" it up with some acoustic guitar and bongo drums. Or whatever those big drums are. He does a good job but it doesn't hold a candle to Adam's performance. I predict Simon will call Round 2 for Adam. Randy thought that the song was a little "light" and I can agree with that. Kara liked the message of the song but didn't really talk about his performance. Paula said Kris made Marvin Gaye proud. Simon loved the song but didn't like the arrangement. Simon calls Round 2 to Adam. It's like Simon and I have a mind meld.

Adam gets the "privilege" of singing the first "single" song. I hate this part of AI. Aside from Kelly Clarkson's first single, they tend to not be very good. It's just not a good indication of what they will end up recording. But whatever, we all know it's part of what AI is all about. Adam sings about climbing a mountain and getting through the pain. He does his best to rock it out but the lyrics are inane to say the least. The crowd goes wild for some reason. Randy thought it was "a'ight" and a little pitchy. Kara apparently helped write the song and was moved by Adam's performance. Paula claims that adjectives can't express what she feels. I'm sure she'll try though. Simon makes fun of the mountains and the hurricanes lyrics (mind meld!) but calls Adam the best and most original contestant they've had. He believes Adam can be a worldwide star. Big praise from the big judge.

We see commercial 1000 for "Glee" and I break down and record it. Kris gets the same song, "No Boundaries." He starts out a little weak and appears to miss a few words in the first verse. He is definitely not as comfortable with the song as Adam was. In fact, I would call it one of his weakest performances on the show. I think Kris just gave Adam the win. But let's see what the judges think. Randy thinks Kris should be proud of himself (sounds like a pity comment to me) but that the pitch was a little too high for him. Kara doesn't want Kris to be judged on that song but rather on the whole season. Paula agrees with Kara. Simon thinks Kris deserves to be in the finals.

So, who wins? It should be Adam but it could be Kris with his cuteness and tween vote. Although I thought that similar combination would put David Archuleta on top but America surprised me then. Will they make the right choice and go with Adam this year? We'll find out tomorrow!

For the last time this season (because I refuse to recap the two hours of filler that is the results show), SJ out.


T. said...

What a shiteous song that last one was! Even the other judges were having a tough time not saying that the song sucks. Another reason to dislike Kara. I think the ideal situation has Kris winning tonight and Adam going on to record the album that he wants to - not the crap that the Idol people will make him do. Kris could pull it out by poaching Danny's votes as well - those votes would never go to Adam...should be a fun results night. I actually like the last results show, because they bring back all of our old friends from the season and have fun duets!!

A. said...

Chris could pull it off - he's much more "AI" material than Adam. I think they are both really good and I'd be happy with either outcome. And I totally agree with T. - that single sucks! Kara should be a bit embarrassed. And she totally wrote it more with Adam in mind than Chris - not fair, it should have been a more generally "singable" song.

Anonymous said...

If you go with talent only (which people won't), I guess I would have to go with Adam even though I am not a huge fan but I have always said he was extremely talented. With that said, I do agree with one post ahead that Kris is more in line with the AI "look" if that is the right word. Who knows, it will be interesting to see tonight.

Mommy, Esq. said...

Horrible, horrible song. I continue to maintain that Adam shouldn't WANT to win. How did you like Glee? Loved it - really sold me on that last song number. That and the glass(es) of wine I had.

E said...

But, more importantly, how was Glee?