Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cameron hosts her first play date

Yesterday we hosted our very first play date. 5 moms, two dads and two dogs joined us for an afternoon of fun, food, poop and a little crying. No, not the dads! This play group was organized by one of the members of the New Moms of South Charlotte and we plan on meeting every other weekend. It's perfect because a few of us will be returning to work and most of the play dates through the NMSC group are during the week.

Both Cameron and Charlie were worn out by their respective playmates and DH and I had a nice quiet night.

What's great about these events is it's a chance for us to ask each other questions. I demonstrated the swaddling technique I'm now using and we talked a lot about sleeping and feeding. One woman joked that it's impossible to go 5 minutes without saying the word boob when you have an infant. Totally true. I'm already looking forward to the next play date in two weeks!

I made sure that Cameron had a nice long nap before everyone arrived. Here is a picture of her stretching. Aren't baby stretches the cutest thing?
Here is a picture of three of the tykes awake and "playing" with each other. I'm sure they will graduate to drooling on each other soon enough.
I hosted the event in our library and there was plenty of room for the 6 of us.
You know a good time is had by all based on the number of dirty diapers!

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Donna said...

These are great pictures! I love the one with all the new moms together! So nice! I wish I had had that kind of support throughout my 'new' mom phase. I wonder if you will be brave enough to have a playdate in the library when they are 2.