Monday, April 5, 2010

How have I lived without you?

I know that I have been sadly remiss in not posting over the past few days. Tons of errands, hanging out with neighbors and beautiful weather kept me out of the house for most of the weekend. Cameron and I had quality bonding time on Friday since I had to take the day off as daycare was closed. She is absolutely loving the great weather we've been enjoying in Charlotte. I realized that I only had a few short sleeved tops for her so a trip to Target was a must. I ended up getting some shorts too in both 12 and 18 month. I was just going to get 18 month clothing but the 12 month stuff is still roomy. My munchkin has definitely slowed down on her growth.

Also on the docket for this past weekend? Getting my birthday present. I've been toying with the idea of getting an iPad but I am not an early adopter. Plus the price point was a little high for me. Instead DH and I packed up Cameron and went to the AT&T store to get me what I now refer to as "my precious," my kick ass iPhone. I absolutely love it and have no idea how I juggled a cell phone and iPod before. Of course it makes sense to have both together! I got the high end case for it in bright pink. It was worth the extra $60 buck when you have a toddler. And bright pink was so that DH knows as he plays with it that it's all mine.

The iPhone is super intuitive. And I am not an intuitive person when it comes to technology. Ironic considering I work in technology, no? DH has already uploaded his fantasy baseball application and I added the Weight Watchers point tracker. The photo quality isn't as great as my digital camera but I expected that to be the case. Plus Cameron is in full on mobility mode so she never sits still for photos any more.

Any other iPhone lovers out there? Any recommendations for applications that I can download?


drew said...

I want to go iphone, but we are verizon so I continue to carry the ipod and phone... I hope that will change though... My fav applications are the Where's Waldo one (hours of entertainment), J loves Baby Bab Bab Lite - some rattle thing. Wikipedia has an application, so does epicurious- there's is good. Happy Birthday!

barbashlack2 said...

Happy Birthday Stacey! I got the Kindle for my BDay last year, and it was the best gift would no longer have to pack an entire suitcase of books when you left for vacation.....

LauraC said...

I love my iphone! Do you want adult apps or kid apps?

Adult apps:
Echofon (twitter)
Words with Friends (scrabble, play with me - lauracase)
This American Life

Kid apps:
Preschool Adventure
Wheels on the Bus

(the boys actually have an entire screen of apps - 16 apps! - but those are the ones that might be appropriate to entertain Cameron)

Also if you want better picture quality, when the phone is attached to your computer, navigate to the Photos folder via Window Explorer rather than emailing it to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all today on your special day. . .Happy, Happy Birthday and much love, Mimi and Papa