Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Cameron has decided that hair clips are not for her anymore. Every time I put one in to keep her hair out of her eyes she reaches up and pulls it out. Looks like we are relegated to Pebbles style ponytails until she stops being so stubborn.

Houston, we have another molar coming in! Cameron woke up wailing at 8:30 PM last night and we had to douse her with Motrin and I sat with her on the floor of her room until she whimpered herself into sleep. I would have sat with her on the rocking chair but she wanted nothing to do with the soothing motions of a chair that would allow my ass to be cushioned while trying to get her back to sleep. At least she didn't want to stay up and play. The poor thing was so tired that she draped herself over my leg with her head on the ground while I rubbed her back. 1.5 molars down and 2 to go (with many more in the future). I'm not sure DH and I will make it!

The light bulb in one of our lamps in the TV room went out and we replaced it with an energy friendly CFL. We are not quite as aggressive about saving the planet as my friend Amanda's family but we try to do a bit. The only problem is that the light is so dim that it doesn't even give off enough light to compare it to a nightlight. Looks like we need to dig up some 100 watt versions and just bear the expense.

I've been tossing and turning until 12 AM for the past two nights. Lots going on with my current job, interviews and not enough time in the day to get real work done. Plus I am finding myself working much longer hours which means less quality time with Cameron. Instead of picking her up at 4:30 we've pushed it back to 5 PM. Partly because she no longer needs that short nap before dinner and partly because DH and I are swamped at work. That means Cameron is in daycare from 7:15 AM until 5 PM. That's a long day! For parents with kids in daycare, how long is their day?

Please wish me luck for a few interviews I have today and tomorrow for some great new opportunities at BigFinance. I even plan on wearing make up (ooooooh) because of how excited I am about career possibilities.


Amanda said...

ha ha about the shout out. Good luck on the interviews. We have had Holden at daycare from 7:15 to 6 when work has been busy. It sucks to not get that quality time but someone has to pay the bills I guess.

Mommy, Esq. said...

Good luck on the interviews! I have to say that Cameron is the only 12 month old I know that takes an evening nap (her third??). But if you are thinking dropping that means she'll need to go to bed earlier you are correct. It is hard trying to schedule them around our work schedules, isn't it? That's why I do the AM but work late and Husband does the PM - so we can each see the kids for an hour or two a piece.

LER said...

I'd go with the Pebbles look. Let's face it, you have a very small window in life where your can rock (what a great opportunity for a pun) that look!

Good luck with job stuff...hope all goes well!

Stephanie said...

Great news about the interview(s)!

Jesse is at daycare from 7:20 until around 5PM. He doesn't seem to mind it very much. Probably b/c he has lots of friends and activities to do while he's there. It doesn't hurt that his teachers dote on him, too!

I say let Cameron rock the ponytail for as long as she can!

Rebecca M. said...

First of all I know you'll do great on your interviews!

Dominick is in daycare, usually from 7 a.m. until 4:45/5 p.m., but some days until 5:30. Poor guy. Most of the kiddos are gone on those late night pick ups.

WorkingMom said...

First, good luck with the interviews. Speaking from experience, having a stressful work life, no matter how hard you try, does affect you in other areas.

As for the daycare hours, my two oldest were regularly there from 7:30 to 5:00 - anyone who has to work 8-hour day plus even a 15-minute commute is looking at similar hours. You're doing what works right now for your family - don't beat yourself up. We don't have the Baby in daycare, but the tradeoff is me working only part-time, so money is MUCH tighter, and Hubby working second shift means he's not home at night. The Oldest doesn't see his dad from Sunday night to Saturday morning except for kissing him goodbye in the AM.

The light bulbs I'm totally with you on. I know they use less energy, but they also contain mercury. And they won't work in some of my lamps because they have clip-on shades, which the new bulbs won't allow for.

As for "... until she stops being so stubborn" - HAHAHAHA! Sorry to tell you, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn to love the ponytails for now, because she won't want those at some point either.

A. said...

Our kids are in daycare from about 7:15 until 4:30 (in theory). In practice, I usually don't pick them up right at 4:30, it's often later and sometimes as late as 5:15/5:30. Does it stink? Yes. Do I feel guilt about this? Yes.


Donna said...

Daycare hours are from 7:45am - 5:15pm. Long hours but the kids seem to love it (most days)...so I am not feeling the motherhood angst (too much) about it. What I do worry about? What are they doing all of that time? Do they eat enough (because they never eat at home, etc).

GL with the interviews!

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