Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiger rolls into Charlotte

Charlotte is the home of one of the PGA tour's annual events, the Quail Hollow Invitational. The event kicks off today and Tiger will be rolling into Charlotte to participate. Tiger has played in Charlotte before but this is just his second PGA event post scandal so needless to day, tickets are a hot commodity in this town.

The thing that absolutely kills me is that one of his mistresses (paramours, skanks, what is the correct term?) has contracted with the Gentleman's Club to perform her, um, routine for the entire week. It is being billed as the "19th Hole." I can't remember her name, or even the names of any of his other girlfriends (fame seekers, money grubbers, what is the correct term?) but like so many others I do read the articles when they pop up in my Us Weekly. All I can think is, "poor Elin" and "they have two kids!"

I like Tiger. I can't quite bring myself to use the past tense on that verb because he is really the only reason that I watch golf. DH and I have seen quite a few amazing shots and despite a normally dour expression, there is something captivating about Tiger on the golf course. But I can't believe the quality (or lack thereof) of women he had extramarital affairs with. None of them are pretty. Most of them are blond with big boobs. And for a guy who is supposedly all class, he certainly showed me that his taste in sex partners is atrocious. It almost makes me more disappointed because of the volume and skankiness of his selected partners.

Will Tiger be able to bounce back from this personal issue? Partially, I think. He's been dumped by a lot of sponsors but given the state of the economy and his contract size I have a feeling that a lot of them were just taking advantage of the situation to save some money. Tiger is still a tremendous golfer and has the potential to play for decades more. If he and Elin end up divorcing then he will be in the tabloids even longer, not to mention if he starts dating again post hypothetical divorce. And that is what could end up destroying his career. I can only imagine how difficult it is to concentrate on your career or fixing your personal life when both are being blasted across the Internet and news outlets.

So, what do the rest of you think? Will Tiger ultimately be back, better than ever? Do you think his extramarital activities involved women of such a dubious nature that it has impacted the way you think about him as a person? Can you separate out the person from the gossip? Or the golfer from the tabloids?

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Jordan said...

I can separate the golfer from the person. But I may be in the minority because I am a big golf fan. I have followed Tiger since day one and since he's my same age, I can relate to him in a way. I agree that his actions have been severely flawed though but I still view him the same as a golfer. Josh and I went to see him in person last year at his tournament.

I want to see him break Nicklaus's records. I think Elin needs to divorce him though and I believe the rumors are heading in that direction.