Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One small step for us, one giant step for Cameron

I rushed home a bit early yesterday because I had to do some work later in the evening and wasn't about to give up my precious play time with Miss Cameron. DH had already left to pick her up so I puttered around the house for about 15 minutes, changed my clothes, put out my outfit for the next day (totally anal but completely worth it to not be rushed in the morning) and brought in the trash barrels. It's amazing what one can get done in 15 uninterrupted minutes.

I was booting up my computer when I heard Charlie whining, a sure sign that DH and Cameron were pulling into the driveway. As I logged in Cameron and DH walked into the kitchen. I was in the other room but I knew they were in the house because as soon as Cameron sees Charlie she does this adorable screech/giggle. She has definitely warmed up to Charlie a lot over the past month and I'm not sure he likes it.

I walked over and Cameron laughed again at seeing me. I reached out to give her a hug and a kiss. "Guess, what happened today?" DH asked me. "She actually had her morning nap for a change?" I responded. "Nope, Miss Melba told me that she walked on her own for the first time." DH told me proudly.

Of course I made a big deal out of it to Cameron as DH bounded upstairs to check his email. But I did feel a twinge of regret. I wanted us to be the first people that saw Cameron walking. True, she spends a lot more time at daycare during the week than with us but couldn't her teacher have just hinted at it rather than baldly saying she walked? She could have said, "You should try walking with Cameron today, I think she's really close to walking on her own." I would have interpreted that to mean that she had already walked for her teacher but at least I could have lied to myself a little if I got her to walk for me that night.

I immediately put Cameron down to try and make her walk for me. At first she wanted to keep holding on to my hands and the girl has a super strong grip. After walking around the room together a few times I managed to extricate myself and as Cameron stood, swaying slightly, I exhorted her to walk towards me. All by herself. She took one, two, three steps forward before falling forward into my waiting hands. It was so exciting! I will try to get it on film this weekend but considering Cameron only took 3 steps and then wouldn't do it again all night it could take a while to capture it for posterity.

Meanwhile I still have that little twinge that Cameron walked first at daycare but I knew that was the risk we took in putting her in daycare. Plus, I'm a way better mom as a working mom. So it is all for the best. Anyone else have a similar experience with significant milestones for your kids?


still waiting said...

Hey! Some daycares have a policy where they won't tell you if a milestone is reached, so that you can see it for the "first" time :) That would be way more humane for us guilt ridden working Moms!

Donna said...

As with the previous poster, my old daycare had a policy that the providers will not to tell us the big milestones. Sometimes that was good, other times not so good. I would worry constantly when one of DS1 hadn't hit a milestone (in front of me) only to find out he did it weeks ago in front of them when he finally did it. Take it as a good thing that they told you - really she could have surprised you and gotten into something you were not expecting her to! Cognrats Cameron!

A. said...

Yay, Cameron! She'll be running in no time.

Finn rolled over for the first time at daycare (they didn't tell me, but Donna did! I didn't mind, though - I was too worried that he hadn't been doing it!). Lucy apparently crawled for the first time at daycare, or so they said... I still don't believe it, because it wasn't repeated in front of ANYONE for another couple of weeks. But they made sure to tell me right away! Honestly, it doesn't bother me if something happens for the first time at daycare - it will happen again, I'll get a chance to see it!

LauraC said...

Our day care asked us if we wanted them to tell us about milestones and I said NO. I liked to experience them at home. I saw Nate giggling at one of the teachers LONG before he giggled at home and it broke my heart, so I very firmly told them not to tell me.

HOW EXCITING! Walking was the most exciting milestone for me, seeing how cute they were toddling around.

Stacey said...

When we first joined our daycare they told us that they try not to tell us about milestones but just hint at it. I think that her teacher was just so excited that she burst out with the news. I'm reconciling myself to it. Just happy that she's walking!

Stephanie said...

Yay Cameron!! I agree with everyone and you could probably ask your daycare not to share milestones with you.

Amanda said...

They should make it a policy for all daycare providers to not tell parents about milestones unless the parents ask. Congrats!

jerseygirl77 said...

Congrats to Cameron on her first steps! :-D

Rebecca M. said...

That's wonderful news and I'm so happy for Miss Cameron!

I had a similar experience, my mother-in-law (who watches Dominick once a week), mentioned that she saw Dominick's first tooth and that just broke my heart. I wanted to be the one to find it.

After that incident, I asked the daycare to not share any new milestones with me. They've hinted about a few things, but haven't said anything for sure.

For me it’s a guilt thing about putting him in day care and me missing any minute of his growing up.