Monday, April 19, 2010

Now that it's Monday, I can relax

As I mentioned in my last blog post, juggling work and childcare is virtually impossible. So I avoided even checking my email over the weekend so I could focus on Cameron. Let's just say she made that very challenging. If it wasn't for her 2 and sometimes 3+ hour naps I would be worn to the bone.

I think she's teething. It can't be anything else. Let me describe our weekend and you can weigh in on my opinion. Wake up happy. Suck down morning bottle. Fuss a little. Eat hardly any breakfast. Go down for 3+ hour morning nap. Wake up. Cry at the drop of a hat. Want a pacifier all the time. Refuse to eat lunch...maybe a few scoops of apple sauce. Go down for 2 hour nap. Wake up. Cry at the drop of a hat....and so on and so forth. We are still doing a morning and evening bottle and Cameron is so hungry for them that I know she wants to eat.

Our saving grace (and I can't believe I am writing this and thus possibly bringing down retribution from the karma gods) is that she sleeps wonderfully. Sick. Healthy. Teething. Fussy. She'll go to bed normal time and sleep through the night. She actually slept until 9 AM on Sunday! After going down at 6:30 PM the night before. Absolutely amazing.

Cameron is still missing her fourth bottom tooth. Given how easily the third one came in I'm thinking that this is either incisors or molars. What have other parents experienced in the teething department. Can I hope that the worst will be behind us in another day or two?


Amanda said...

maybe her cold is contributing, Holden isn't eating very much either not even his bottles. We think its a combo of his top teeth almost through and congestion. When do you think the cold season ends?

Stephanie said...

probably a cold on top of teething. Jesse is like that, too, when teeth are coming (which has been continuous). Some days the fussiness is about to drive me outta my mind, but then he has days where he is perfect angel. Teething tablets (Hyland's) and oragel are lifesavers. You are SO LUCKY with the sleep thing!!!! Jesse will only ever take a half hour nap for me on the weekends. At daycare, he takes a two hour nap every day and I don't know how they do it.

LauraC said...

Could also be something in her throat like strep throat? When N&A had hand foot mouth, they had a high fever (103) then they would drink but refused all foods and were super super fussy. I've read the same about strep.

But could just be teething! Maybe give motrin and see if that helps her?