Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

If you want cute pictures then you have to wade through my random Thursday thoughts!

We have been having so much fun with Cameron lately and we can see her learning something new almost every day. Words are starting to become slightly clearer but I'm sure we're also loosely interpreting her sounds. Her latest cute thing is when we finish her bedtime routine, Cameron will point (well, gesture with her whole hand) to the bed. I still rock her for a minute or two but I love how happy she is to go to bed. Here's hoping that it continues!

Finger nail clipping has been more challenging for us. I try to make a game out of it but it has come down to me holding her hand tightly and ignoring her squawks and cries as I use tiny clippers. Cameron's daycare has nail clipping hygiene as a requirement and I don't want to be that parent who gets a note asking for it to be done. In the "good" category I have started brushing Cameron's 7 teeth during her bath time. She loves it because she tries to bite down on my finger. That rubber finger tip does not blunt toddler sharp teeth nearly enough! In a couple of weeks we'll introduce toothpaste. DH and I have never really had cavities and so we want to start good teeth routines early.

Because we went right into summer from winter the pollen this year has been unbelievable. My car was so covered that I couldn't even see out of the back window! We also have to hose Cameron's swing down before each use.

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