Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AI Season 8: Top 8 perform songs from the year they were born

As Jordan says, this episode of American Idol makes me feel very old. It doesn't help that I just celebrated a birthday. No, I'm not advertising which year. Every season for as long as I have been watching there has been an episode where the contestants sing a song from the year they were born. And every year, we creep closer to the millennium. This year Allison Iraheta clocks in at 1992. 1992! Sigh. Do you all also realize that this decade is almost over? What decade are we calling it? The 0s? Will the next decade be the teens? Inquiring minds want to know.

Ryan introduces the judges (rather than the phantom voice that has been the norm this season) and shows us very cute baby pictures.

Up first is Danny Gokey (1980) singing "Stand By Me" which should be a good song for him. He starts the song out slow and mixes things up with the arrangement. I do prefer when he busts out with a higher energy performance. Randy questions the arrangement as does Kara but they both think he did a great job. Paula thinks Danny set the bar high and Simon said the beginning was good, middle was lazy and end was terrific.

Kris Allen joins Randy on stage and looks just a cute as always. I did think he would not be sticking around for long but he is proving me very wrong with some great performances. Kris was born in 1985 and wanted to be a taxi cab driver when he was little. He picks "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" and I scratch my head at his selection. It's a great song but not exactly his style. Immediately I think the arrangement is weird as is his position off the stage surrounded by adoring fans. Kara likes that Kris picked an up tempo song but it felt like homework rather than effortless (I'm paraphrasing because she natters on). Paula thinks he was heartfelt and made the song unique. Simon called it indulgent, boring and forgettable. Randy agrees with Simon.

Lil Rounds was born in 1984 and it turns out that Lil is her real name, not a nickname. She picks Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" (excellent call, Jordan) and I worry for her again. She is channeling Tina Turner in her outfit and svelte haircut but the vocals aren't quite up to par. Tina Turner has such a distinctive voice it can be hard to avoid karaoke comparisons. Paula compliments Lil's outfit but doesn't think she made the song her own. Simon called it second rate and copy cat. Randy agrees with Simon and Paula. Kara thinks that her lower range isn't good and Lil isn't an artist yet.

Anoop Desai decides a lime green preppy sweater is the way to go. I shouldn't comment since I love lime green and just got a sweater from my grandmother (Hi Mimi!) for my birthday. But I'm not performing on American Idol either. Randy calls Anoop on his attitude from last week and Anoop basically apologizes. He was born in 1986 and selects "True Colors." I think this could be a good move for him. Anoop smartly keeps the song simple and pure and does an excellent job. Randy congratulates Anoop on the UNC win (go Tarheels!) and says it was a really nice vocal. Kara said Anoop controlled the song. Paula said he showed his "true colors" (groan). Simon called him a yo-yo and that this week was a good performance.

30 minutes in and we are halfway home. I love when we get performance shows down to one hour!

Scott McIntyre is up next and was born in 1985. He wanted to be a train conductor but as DH said, you really need to see in order to have that career work. Good thing he has music as a back up. He sings "The Search Is Over" by Survivor and plays the guitar. I say, "He plays the guitar?" DH responds, "Well, he holds it." Scott does his typical mediocre job with a few particularly sour notes. If he stays and Lil goes home I'll be pissed. DH predicts Christian Rock albums in his future. When will Simon go off on him???? Kara said the performance was mixed. Paula gave him credit for not using his piano crutch. Simon thinks Scott should go back to the piano and that the song was horrible. Randy called it OK. It is time for Scott to go.

Allison Iraheta was born in 1992. Damn I'm old. She decides on Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" and I love this song! DH is happy that she slowed it down for a change and I agree. She does a really nice job but the performance is boring compared to her usual style. Paula thinks Allison gave her heart to the song. Simon thought it was very good but that Allison needs to be a bit more likable. Randy compares Allison to Kelly Clarkson. Kara calls her talented.

Matt Girard is up next and he was also born in 1985. Even as a child he had huge ears. He decides on Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover." Always a risk to pick a Stevie song. Matt does a good job and it's not too karaoke. What is less successful are the pants he's wearing. Very unflattering. Randy called it one of the best of the night, Kara said it was incredible, Paula gave it a standing ovation and Simon said well done. I love when the judges run out of time and give pithy comments.

Thank goodness I tape Fringe and had Adam Lambert's performance. He was born in 1982 and has always loved to dress up. I think the Phantom of the Opera costume gave away his sexual orientation early, don't you? He picks "Mad World" by Tears for Fears. Do I even need to say that in the money spot he blows it out of the water? The coolest part is that he kept it slow the whole time and used his falsetto. Simon gives him a standing ovation. Has that ever happened before?

So, what will happen this week? Lil is in trouble but I really hope Scott is the one going home.

SJ out.


Jordan said...

DH cracked me up with that comment about Scott and his choo-choo fantasy. I'm glad I was paying attention and decided to DVR the 10 PM news or Idol would have punked me by pushing back Fringe. They really need to tighten up the ship on Idol and do away with Paula's blabbering which is the chief cause for these episodes running over.

Adam is in a different league here and I'm glad I switched my Idol pool pick to him in week 2. I thought Anoop had the best vocals of the night though. WHAT!? That was BLAZING HOT, DOG!

Theresa said...

It's getting really hard to pick the bottom three these days! I really am happy with most of the performances. I think Scott SHOULD go, followed by Lil, but after that, I just don't know. I'm afraid that Allison might be in danger, but also think that the judges will save her.

Susan said...

THANK YOU....I stinken fell asleep and missed Adam....darn it. He is my pick too. Anoop is on my nerves, not sure why but I agree with you about the rest. Thanks for the update.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I feel like Adam is "pulling one over" on America. He's not an amateur - his performance was awesome but he feels like a professional. I love Allison but she does need to be more likable - I remember thinking that Kelly Clarkson was boring (and I'm right). I think Scott should go - he did weird creepy blind guy eye things on stage last night.

Sotorrific Twins said...

Stacey - I heart you right now because the thought did not occur to me that the Fringe I taped would have Adam's performance on it and I almost deleted it!!

I'm between Adam and Allison - she is Slavadoran as is my DH and they have like, no one famous os he's gunnin' for her. :)

Too bad Adam's gay (capes??!!) because I think he's SO cute!!