Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI Season 8: Top 5 perform the Rat Pack

And here we are at our Top 5. I am predicting even before watching the show that Matt Giraud will be the next person kicked off.

Tonight are standards from the Rat Pack and I have a feeling tonight will be really, really good. If you want some predictions about what people will be singing what, check out Jordan's blog.

For some reason Jamie Foxx is selected as this week's mentor. Apparently he is classically trained and has a top selling R&B album. I had no idea. I still think he's an arrogant jerk, but let's see if he gives any good advice.

Up first is Kris Allen who could be in the finals. He's just so darn cute! He picks "The Way You Look Tonight" and I melt a little. I love that song. Jamie Foxx seems impressed with his vocals. Kris decides to sing it straight in the beginning rather than play with the arrangement. He does a nice job of showcasing his range and smooth voice but it's kind of a boring performance. It picks up a little at the end and I kind of wish it stayed in the slower arrangement for the whole song. I would be shocked if he goes home given his ginormous fan base. Randy called it his best performance to date. Kara said Kris set a technical standard. Paula slobbered over him and Simon pulled us back to reality by calling it a little bit "wet."

The last girl in the competition is up next. Who could have predicted that Allison would be the final woman standing? Not I. Which is why the Top 36 performances was such crap. No more of this Group A, B and C and only one performance before the Top 12 are selected. Allison looks lovely and celebrated her 17th birthday so Randy can stop with the "she's only 16" BS. She selects "Someone To Watch Over Me" and I think it's a great song choice for her voice. Jamie tells her to "feel her family" while singing and I roll my eyes. I absolutely love Allison's performance and think that it is her best in terms of a vocal performance. Randy called it the bomb, Kara thinks she will sail through to the next round, Paula called her alluring and tender and actually made a lot of sense. Simon thought it was a great performance but isn't sure that Allison believes she can win. I can't disagree.

Matt Giraud is up and you know he is shitting himself with how much he loves this week's theme. He pulls out the lame hat and I wish Anoop was sitting there instead. He decides on "My Funny Valentine" and I have to give him props since it's a challenging song. Jamie tells him to change the key. The beginning starts off a little rough for me; it seems pitched too low for him. He really picks up stride with the second verse but it's still not a wow performance for me. Randy said it was a little pitchy (agreed), Kara didn't think he was the "leader of the pack" or emotionally connected to the song. Paula loved what he did (natch) and Simon disagrees with Randy. Color me shocked. I still think he's going home, regardless of what Simon said.

Danny Gokey gets the fourth spot and decides on "Come Rain or Come Shine." Jamie Foxx gets "all up in his grill" and I loose whatever little respect I have for the man. Danny definitely puts a blue-sy spin on the song and it sounds really good. He is another contender for the finals with Adam. Is anyone thinking Adam won't be in the finals at this point? Danny gives a really energetic performance and the crowd eats it up. Randy thinks he could have an album of songs like what he just sang. Kara said he had Rat Pack swagger and Paula called it stellar. Simon said Danny proved a point. He wasn't clear on what point but I have to assume it was that he belongs in the finals.

Adam picks "Feeling Good" and is wearing a totally awesome white suit. Ever with the theatrics, he starts on the stairs under a white spotlight. He pulls out the gay for this song and it is completely perfect. There is a reason he got the money spot this week (not that he probably doesn't deserve it every week). This kid is making it whether he wins AI or not. He proves my point by singing a long note that must last at least a minute. Absolutely his best performance yet and probably the best of the entire competition. No joke. Randy said it was a little Broadway but in the zone. Kara calls it a whole bunch of acronyms. Paula decides he makes her feel good. Better than the drugs she's on? Simon recognizes that Adam wants to win and loved the entrance.

So, who's out? I'm still sticking with Matt Giraud but Allison could be in trouble too. What do you think?

SJ out.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Did you see the sign say Adam is "Wicked" good. Nice dig at his non-amateur status. I think Allison or Kris deserve to win it more.

T. said...

I agree with Mommy Esq and have to say that I am growing very weary of Adam at this point. I voted last night...for the first time (okay, eight times, I am pretty dedicated, and bored)...for Allison. I was a bit worried because I didn't have that much trouble getting through. Everyone knows I am not a Danny fan, but he was great last night.

Jordan said...

Danny and Adam were both solid but honestly I hated last night's show. All these "Rat Pack" standards were so slow and boring. I almost fell asleep a couple of times. I guess Wikipedia lied too in stating that the singers sing twice this week. And it's obvious that Idol is running out of singers to use as mentors as they tap into hollywood (Tarantino, Fox).

Susan said...

I want Chris or Danny at this point. I am one of the wearies with Adam and Allison is good but... thanks for update. I had to miss last night.