Thursday, April 16, 2009

Judges' "super power" to the rescue?

I was a little surprised to see Anoop in the bottom three last night although I guess Kris Allen is just too damn cute to be at risk. Hey, it's the girl tweens voting, not me! Joining Anoop were Matt Girard (again) and Lil Rounds. Once Anoop was declared safe I assume Matt would be going home. And he would have, if not for the super power awarded to the judges this season. Personally I think they just delayed the inevitable and Matt will be one of the double elimination next week, but I could be wrong. I also think it's kind of a waste of the veto because does anyone really think Matt will win the whole thing? Didn't think so.

If I interpret Ryan's remarks correctly then the judges only have one more week to use their super power. Unless it is Adam (and possibly Allison) on the chopping block, I doubt they will use it again.

Last night also highlighted that four judges are just too many for the TV format. Because of Kara's blathering (Randy too but he's original recipe so he can stay) the show keeps running long. So Tuesday's performances only allowed for two judges to comment at a time. At different points during the results show judges piped up to disagree with the comments from the performance critiques. I hope that the producers only signed a one year contract with Kara.

So, do you think that the judges (and by judges I really mean Simon) made the right decision keeping Matt? Will he be cut next week? I predict that next week's theme, disco, will have Adam Lambert back in the money spot. Any takers on that bet?


Anonymous said...

I agree, the judges just pro-longed Matt's stint on Idol. I do like Matt but he can't beat up a few of them. Even though I acknowledge Anoop's talent - I don't like him and he can't beat out a few them in my humble opinion. Now, if it turns into strictly a popular contest, who knows! Disco night will be interesting to say the least ;)

Mommy, Esq. said...

Matt is better than Anoop so I agree with the save. I thought they could only use the save once?

T. said...

I know Randy is "original recipe," but he is sooooo useless!!! Kara grates on my nerves too, but not as much as Randy.

E said...

Stacey - there's only one veto. No more uses. One time only, now it's gone.

Jordan said...

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't mind Kara. I think she's SOoooo much better than Paula. I think they need to axe Paula, keep Kara and they'll finish on time.