Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going it alone

Before anything else, let me say how thrilled I am that I have a new niece and Cameron a new girl cousin! They will only be a month apart in age and hopefully will be really good friends. Congrats to A., M. and Finn!

I am a single parent this week while DH is traveling. We have Cameron on a really good sleep schedule right now so it hasn't been too painful. My biggest complaint is not having adult conversation. DH works from home so I can talk with him quite a bit throughout the day. Of course most of my comments to him are like the following:
  • She had a huge blowout today!
  • We just had a really good feeding.
  • She is being a fusspot right now.
  • Can you hold her for a minute?

Really stimulating conversation, right? I also miss DH during the witching hours (usually 5 PM to 7 PM) and as an extra set of hands for diaper changes. Come home soon, honey!

In the meantime I have been running errands each day just to get out of the house. I also have to do some cleaning since we are hosting a play date on Saturday. There will be a whole post on the play date this weekend and I really need to write about my inability to let dust and dog hair go. I picked up Weissbluth's book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Cameron has been really good with sleeping but I need to prepare myself for the inevitable changes to come.

I have also noticed that Cameron's eyes are lightening. They are turning a true blue. Can anyone tell me if that means she will have blue eyes? I know eyes can change for up to a year but if they are already lightening does that indicate blue will be the final color?

Here are some pictures of Cameron for your enjoyment.

Daddy is in charge of bath time and Cameron really likes it now!

Isn't this the cutest towel ever? Grammy got it for Cameron because our nickname for our dog Charlie is "chicken."

This is Cameron being drunk on milk. I actually tried to look presentable before we headed out to a play date.

Isn't Cameron's new outfit adorable?


LauraC said...

Alex's eyes went from kinda blue to royal blue. I got excited thinking they would stay blue. Nope. Around a year, they got darker and darker until they turned brown.

Nate's eyes went from kinda blue to baby blue and stayed that way.

So maybe it depends on the kind of blue?

Mommy, Esq. said...

Cameron looks adorable in that towel. We have them too and I have a great one of Penny in it where she looks like a baby model (of course deleted off my blog but I'll re-upload one of these days). I think if they are turning lighter she'll have blue eyes. My kids got darker before they are now becoming hazle.

Donna said...

She looks adorable and you look great. As far as the eye color is concerned -- too early to tell. Both my boys have blue eyes, but the color of blue has changed. I know that my mom said my eyes changed color at about 6 months. So give it some time.

Natalie said...

OMG, she is so GD cute, I can't wait to meet her!!!!!

globetrotter said...

Hmm, were you headed to my house for that playdate???? Looking forward to Saturday!