Monday, April 27, 2009

The daycare saga continues

Now that I am a month into my maternity leave I decided to check in on the 3 places we have identified as childcare options for Cameron. I am now feeling particularly depressed and am looking for a little cheering up.

Our #1 choice, KidsChurch has us 25 out on the wait list. 25! We put our name on the wait list in early January and were told it was a year wait. But we were assured that it would really be much less because so many infants on the list would "age out" and we should be able to get one of the 8 spots way before a year. Apparently not since we are 25 back and there are only 8 spots. It's a great facility and absolutely perfect in terms of location so needless to say, I am very disappointed. I also haven't clarified what happens when Cameron ages out of infant into the 9+ month group. Do we have to start all over again on the wait list or are we grandfathered in? I assume the latter but need to verify.

Our second choice, LittleChurch is 99% sure they can't get us in for my return to work but may have an opening in August.

So that leaves our third selection, ChainCare. Now, don't get me wrong, we like this facility. We particularly like the director but she isn't the one running the actual class. They are still 4 stars but should be certified 5 stars by the time Cameron starts. And they have an opening for her when we need one. I did ask the director for references and should be hearing from a couple of parents this week. I hope that alleviates my concern of their 5:1 infant to caregiver ratio. The director did say she should get another infant caregiver once they have achieved their 5 star rating but it is dependent on whether their HQ approves it or not.

If we like ChainCare then we may just leave Cameron in there until a place opens up in KidsChurch rather than hop her over to LittleChurch first. But that also depends on my work situation. If I get a new role before Cameron gets a spot in KidsChurch that requires me to work uptown then ChainCare is going to be a disaster for me. It's completely in the opposite direction. Yes, I know I should cross that bridge if/when we come to it but it has been that kind of day!

So, can other parents reassure me with their own daycare sagas that ended up working out well? Am I a terrible person for hoping the economic woes mean 18 of those 25 people ahead of us on the wait list can't do take their spot at KidsChurch?

And for those who demand it, here are a couple of Cameron photos. Enjoy!

Watching the Yankees/Red Sox games with Daddy. He is pushing for Cameron to be a Yankee fan but after the last two games, I predict another member of Red Sox Nation. Her first set of scrubs? A surgeon to follow in her grandfather's footsteps? Nah, no need to start the pressure this young. I'll wait until first grade...
She doesn't look happy in this picture but isn't the outfit adorable?


Mommy, Esq. said...

I think I took those last two? I remember putting those socks on her with that dress and the scrubs but I could be wrong. Probably, wrong, right?

The daycare will sort out but if you think it will be temporary have you given more thought to a nanny for a short term solution?

LauraC said...

After having the boys in day care for 3 years, I would say having confidence in the director is more important than having confidence in a particular caregiver. The director sets the tone and it's the person responsible for addressing your issues and concerns. Each kid is going to take to different caregivers and while you may not love someone's style, it's different when you get to see them interact with your baby. But the director makes or breaks a day care, IMO.

We had the same issue with waitlists, that's why I called 20 (eek) day cares. The other problem is they usually grandfather in younger siblings so even if any of those 8 spots open, someone with an older sibling already in school gets preference.

Oh my blogfriend Beth put her son in Choice #2 for day care and then moved him to Choice #1 when it opened a year later. She said it was an easy transition.

Anonymous said...

I agree, if you feel comfortable with the director and the way the daycare is run, then I think you are making a good choice. It's never easy putting your precious child in the care of others, whether it's daycare or a nanny or whatever, even if you have total confidence in the care provider you've chosen. And if it should happen that this place doesn't work out, at least you have a couple of other potential options already.