Saturday, April 25, 2009

A visit from the great-grandparents

I was very fortunate growing up to know my great-grandmother (affectionately called Nana D.) very well. She passed away while I was in college but I still have lots of fond memories of vacations at Cape Cod, outings in Boston and being sung to. My mother even saved a children's book inscribed from Nana D. to me and gave it to me at my baby shower for Cameron. So I was thrilled when my grandparents told me they planned a little trip to Charlotte to visit us.

We had a wonderful 24 hours (they were in and out!). Cameron had her first restaurant trip when we went to lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory. She hung out in her car seat and ended up falling asleep. Perfect! The weather has been hot in Charlotte so we grilled out and played some cards before it was time for bed. Need I say that I won at cards? I didn't think so!

Hopefully we will get to see Mimi and Papa this summer while we are in Maine for vacation. I look forward to many visits so that Cameron can know her great-grandparents well. It helps that we live only a 10 hour drive from their home in Florida. Considering we drive up to Boston (14+ hours) that's not very far :-)

Mimi doting on her namesake, Cameron Patricia.

Papa getting his only chance to hold Cameron since Mimi hogged her the whole time!

Mimi even insisted on feeding Cameron her bottle which was fine by her mommy!

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Anonymous said...

What a treat to meet Cameron, and what a precious baby! And so good!!We had a wonderful, if brief visit, and a very easy trip home (unlike the trip to Charlotte on Thursday. Can't wait to cuddle Cameron again soon. . .lots of love to all three of you, oops, forgot Charlie, so to four of you!!