Friday, April 24, 2009

Cameron: already one month old!

Dear Cameron,

I can't believe it has already been a month since you came into our lives. It has been an amazing, crazy, stressful and wonderful experience. You are a very happy baby and are content to hang out in your bouncer while I'm surfing the web or catching up on old episodes of ER or West Wing.

I love how you smile at me and stare directly in my eyes after you finish a feeding. Yes, I know it's just gas but it feels like a smile to me! You also purse your lips when you are done and let me know that you are good for playtime or another nap. If you are fussy then a pacifier is just the thing you need to calm down. I have a feeling it will be a few years before you give that up! But if a pacifier isn't handy then you are happy to chow down on your fingers. You get that from both Mommy and Daddy. I shudder to think at how high your orthodontist bills will be...

You surprised us by picking up a schedule right away and letting Mommy and Daddy get enough sleep to be fairly chipper during the day. Even though it is hard for Mommy to get up at 2 AM for your middle of the night feeding it is quiet time for us to spend together and that makes it precious. You are a mini Houdini with how you can get your arms out of swaddling. Even Grammy had to admit defeat on that one!

You make us laugh by peeing all over us while we change your diaper. It also taught me to put a fresh diaper underneath the old one before changing you. You aren't thrilled with bath time but tolerate it and only squawk a little bit. When we take you for walks you keep your eyes wide open to take in everything.
I have never been a patient person but you have taught me that patience is the key to success in being a good mommy. I have surprised myself with the depths of patience I have for you and everything you do. Thank goodness or I would be making Daddy's life miserable!

We are thrilled to have your in our lives and can't wait for the rest of the journey.

Mommy and Daddy


LauraC said...

Great letter! Happy one month! Patience was never one of my strong suits and I'm a much better person for finally having some!

Helen said...


Susan said...

You have a beautiful little girl!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Love your letter (and flattered you took the idea from me). Isn't it amazing that we impatient woman gained some patience?