Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI Season 8: Top 7 perform music from the movies

Is it just me or is Quentin Tarantino a scary dude? How the heck was he selected for the mentor for this week's theme? He must have a movie coming out, right? I fast forward through commercials so I miss that kind of stuff. I totally forgot he was a guest judge in Season 3. I don't remember him adding any real value but I barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning...

Ryan introduces the judges and DH thinks Paula Abdul looks hot tonight. I wonder if the lack of sleep with a new baby has made him crazy. Now that Scott is gone the contestants can freely walk the stage without worry about being bumped by the blind guy.

Allison Iraheta picks "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" which is probably a good song selection for her. Plus it's a really popular song which helps. She starts out slow and reminds me of what a good voice she has. That doesn't last long and Allison really belts out another couple of verses. She did a really good job and I think she will be safe this week. Paula thinks Allison is authentic and has special sauce. Simon said Allison is the girls' only hope in this competition. If Lil picks a good song this week he might eat those words.

Anoop is up next and decides on the epic, "Everything I Do I Do It For You." Remember when Kevin Costner was awesome? Those were the pre-WaterWorld days. Quentin thinks he should rough it up but isn't that copying Bryan Adams? Anoop should stick to his pure voice and ignore Quentin. I worry that the performance could be karaoke but it's actually quite lovely and Anoop does a fabulous job. He is really in the zone, as Randy comments. Kara thinks that he really stood out and it was one of his best performances. I really like that only 2 judges are giving feedback. It makes my job easier.

Adam Lambert selects, "Born To Be Wild" from Easy Rider. Quentin calls him the real deal. DH was worried about him this week until the first note left Adam's lips. I am surprised he didn't get the money spot but I guess he can't get it every week... Adam is definitely in a league of his own. My only question at this point is what kind of album he would make and when he's going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Paula gives him a standing ovation, natch. She also breaks out a fortune cookie and tells him he dances in the path of greatness. Simon thought it was a vocally incredible performance but a little Rocky Horror-esq.

Matt Girard also thinks Bryan Adams is the man and picks a song from the Johnny Depp classic, Don Juan DeMarco, "Have You Every Really Loved A Woman." I agree with Jordan that Footloose would have been a better choice. Matt isn't doing himself any favors with his 1920s type outfit but he hides it a little behind the piano. Another really good performance tonight although the occasional forays into his falsetto didn't work for me. So far this is the strongest Top 7 I've seen. Randy liked the beginning but thought the song went off the rails at the bridge. Kara babbles on and on and on and I decide that she is dead to me. At least Paula is kooky so it is fun to recap her. Kara is just a know it all and kind of annoying. Regardless Matt could be in trouble based on the critiques from the judges.

Danny Gokey is missing his glasses while interviewing with Ryan. WTF? The glasses are his thing and I think he has more pairs that Sally Jessie Rafael. I hope he hasn't gotten corrupted by the stylists. Although if he went the Lasik route I can't blame him. I did it myself about 7 year ago. Best decision I every made. Down with contacts! Danny picks, "Endless Love" and DH whistles in response. Per usually Danny puts a lot of emotion into the performance, not surprising given his widower status and the lyrics of the song. I thought it was going to be hokey but Danny's raspy voice really pulled it off. Paula agrees with me about the timbre of his voice. Simon was disappointed with the traditional version of the song but can't fault the singing itself.

Kris Allen is up next (yay! Lil gets the money spot!) and picks "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once. Huh? Never heard of either. I do a quick Google search at 9:30 PM and the first link of the page is a YouTube video of Kris' performance. Jeesh! Talk about the lightening speed of the internet. It's a ballad so Kris does well but it's a little boring for me. Randy doesn't think that the performance really caught on and it was pitchy. Kara thought it was one of his best moments. Kris could also be in trouble.

Finally Lil pulls out a great dress rehearsal performance and gets the last spot of the night (aka the "money spot"). Let's see how her live performance goes, shall we? She decides on Bette Middler's "The Rose" which is an awesome song and very tough to top Bette. Lil starts out very traditionally but after the first verse goes a little gospel with it. It's definitely one of her better performances but I am far from wowed by it. Paula doesn't really offer any criticism and just says that the road is long. Simon visibly rolls his eyes. He also tells Lil that she continues to pick the wrong song for her voice. I agree with Simon and think that Lil needs to focus on R&B. Lil also decides to talk back to Simon and I hate that shit. Paula defends her of course and DH and I roll our eyes out of our head. Even though I have Lil going to the final 2 I am OK with her being done. I much prefer the other 6 contestants.

So, who is out? Matt and Kris are in trouble but I think that even the money spot won't save Lil this week.

Don't forget to file your taxes!

SJ out.


Jordan said...

Nice recap! I think Matt or Lil are gone. I just realized that Kris' song won the Oscar in 2008 and I do really like it. I thought he was good. I'm glad Lambert googled my blog yesterday and stole my song choice for him. He was the best of the night by far.

I HATED not hearing Simon on every contestant. If they want to cut time, then cut the goofy intros and cut Paula altogether. Simon is one of the only reasons I watch this stuff.

Oh and Tarantino's face looks like claymation.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I think if Matt gets the boot they'll save him. They don't get to use the saves after next week (but two go home the following week so what is the point). I think there is plenty of annoying banter (like when Ryan pretends to be Randy-dog) that can be cut out so we can hear all 4 judges. I agree that at first Kara was refreshing but the 3 judges had a good vibe/ritual going that has lasted for many seasons - why mess it up?

T. said...

I am VERY impressed with Jordan's song picking skills!! I was overall kind of "eh" on most of the performances last night. I liked Allison the best, but still fear for her safety - the judges will save her though. I maintain that Adam is using AI as an audition for Broadway - I mean, what kind of album would he record? Still can't figure it out. I think the contestants who were judged by Simon and Paula were at a clear advantage. Simon is obviously the best judge, but Paula is actually kind of useful this year too. The other two...ugh. Why is Randy even on the show?

A. said...

If I have to hear Randy or Kara say something like "Dog, for me, for you, it just wasn't a great song choice" one more time I might throw something at the TV. "For me, for you?" Dude, that sounds so stupid. And how is it that, even with limiting it to 2 judges per performance, the show still managed to finish late?? Cut out the cutesy crap, Ryan, and don't let the contestants talk back to the judges (Yes, Lil, I'm talking to you).

Lil is just not the singer that they tried to make her out to be, with all of the initial "you could sing the phone book and still sound great" comments. She needs to go.

Natalie said...

bye bye lil or matt girard and i bet allison may be in the bottom three. she won't go home but america doesn't "love" her yet. what do i love? the fact that you made a dead-on reference to sally jessy raphael.