Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AI Season 8: Top 7 (again) perform disco

According to Seacrest, Idol history was made last week with the judges' save of Matt Girard. But two will be going home this week meaning we will have our top 5 next week. I predict prior to the performances that Lil and Matt will be gone. Let's get started and see how the performances are this week!

Lil is up first and she picks "I'm Every Woman" which is not too surprising. Is there any big voice song she hasn't picked yet? Per usual she also decides to sing the song straight and not change it up with some R&B flair. I think that last season with David Cook's success with arrangements has really raised the bar. Lil can't surpass it and doesn't even come close even with her big pipes. Despite her energetic performance (or perhaps because of it) parts of the song felt screechy to me. Let's see what the judges think. Randy trotted his "what kind of artist are you?" comment out. Kara likes the song selection but wasn't wowed. Paula tries to sell us the "she's sick" excuse but agrees with Kara. Simon thinks that Lil looks sad and she talks back again. He tells her that she's going home and I agree.

Next is Kris Allen and he decides to bring out his guitar. I am surprised by his song selection, "She Works Hard For The Money" by Donna Summer. He smartly slows the song song and makes it sound contemporary and really good. I have a feeling the judges are going to salivate over his performance. Kara thinks the risk Kris took with the arrangement really paid off. Paula compares it to Santana and I completely agree. I notice that Simon is wearing an undershirt as his shirt and it kind of creeps me out. He thinks it was a fantastic performance and Randy agrees. I kind of like that the judges got in additional digs at Lil with their praise of Kris. Just the kind of snark I enjoy.

Danny selects "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire. DH thinks it is a great song for Danny's voice. I don't think he emotionally connects with the song like most of his previous performances but he still does an excellent job. I mean, it's not like the song lends itself to emotion like most of his other song selections. What's great about Danny is he doesn't have a great range but he uses his voice to it's utmost and it sounds great, every time. Randy thinks he really worked it. Kara was worried but thinks he is an incredible vocalist. Paula thinks he showed vocal brilliance and has a sexy voice. Simon agrees with the other judges but didn't think the performance had star power.

Allison goes with Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" and also decides to change the arrangement. She starts off slow and then throws in some rock arrangement. It really works for her and for me. Allison is totally going to be the last girl standing in this competition. Randy thought the arrangement was a little over indulgent but Allison is a great singer. Kara completely agreed with Randy. Paula babbled. Simon called it a brilliant performance. I love when he agrees with me.

Adam Lambert does not get the money spot despite my prediction. He also goes with the "straight" appearance this week. The one thing that really bugs me about Adam is I think he's always performing. He never seems natural to me in his interviews or "off the cuff" comments. But there is no denying he is the one to beat this season. Adam does "If I Can't Have You" from Saturday Night Fever. He really slows the song down and does all kinds of vocal acrobatics. The camera pans to Paula at one point and I swear she is crying. Randy thinks Adam is ready to make his album. Kara calls him inspiring and Paula has a visceral response to his performance. I'm impressed she used that word correctly. Simon loved everything about the performance.

Matt Giraud goes with the classic Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" and I immediately wince. There are very few people who can pull off this song (see Adam) and Matt isn't one of those. DH comments that he's thinking of infant CPR during the performance. This song is what they recommend you think about while performing CPR. Ironic, no? Matt does a good job but the performance is a little manic for me. With all the other performances tonight and Anoop in the money spot Matt is going home this week. Randy doesn't like the song choice but thinks Matt is talented. Kara called it a solid performance. Paula uses a bowling metaphor that didn't work for me. Simon completely panned the performance and called it desperate. Agreed.

Up last is Anoop and he also selects a Donna Summer song, "Dim All The Lights." I am immediately thrown but the 'stache he is growing. Who on earth told him that was a good idea? I mean, I know that the disco era involved a lot of facial hair but does it need to be recreated here? I think not. He does a good job but I am not wowed. Randy didn't love the arrangement but loves the talent of the Top 7. Kara thinks it was a good song choice and a great performance. Paula compliments his pink shirt and facial hair. Considering she is often on "Worst Dress" lists I will disregard her fashion comment. Simon disagreed with the other judges and called the performance mediocre.

So, who is out? I'm still sticking with Lil and Matt but Anoop is in danger too. There's your bottom three.

SJ out.


Susan said...

You do such a great job with this :) I agree with you. Like I said before, I'm not an Anoop fan so I wouldn't mind seeing him go before Matt BUT I'm with you on bottom three. It is going to get REAL hard after this. I think talent wise Adam has shown he can do just about anything and that wil be hard to beat even though he is not my favorite - I agree with you on your take of him. I like Kris and Allison at this point.

Jordan said...

It should be Kris and Adam in the finals. Both of them actually take risks with the arrangements and make old songs seem new again. I'm souring on Gokey.

Helen said...

Me thinks America wasn't ready to have an idol named "Anoop".