Saturday, June 27, 2009

All tuckered out

Apparently this week was a little rough on Cameron. The not sleeping during the day at school has resulted in a lot of sleeping on Saturday. She's also been a little cranky and I hear her coughing every once in a while. Not very frequently but definitely more than the occassional cough infants do. DH had a slight sore throat a few days ago so I'm going to hope that it is something slight and passing and not something she picked up at school. Because getting sick just one week after starting daycare? And just as I'm heading back to work? Life would not be that cruel to me!

Cameron and I had our regular playgroup today and she made it about one hour before she was a ready for another two (!) hour nap. Poor little girl.

Charlie checks out Cameron as she plays in her Bumbo

Cameron and Mommy spend some quality time together. Cameron plays with two of her "boyfriends".

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LauraC said...

Nate and Alex were in day care three days before they caught their first illness. A 10 day vomiting virus. After the first week, our city had suspected e coli outbreak in our water system. I actually broke down crying hysterically and called one of my friends asking if parenthood got any harder bc I couldn't do it if it was any harder than two puking three month olds and no clean water.