Monday, June 1, 2009

Can't she stay this way forever?

Cameron and I had a playdate today. And a lunch with some of my co-workers. So it was no surprise that she didn't nap well. Fortunately I paid attention to my Weissbluth and she was in bed asleep by 7:30 PM with only 20 minutes of crankiness.

At our playdate Cameron got to interact with a 4 month old and two six month olds. And I was amazed at how active the 6 month olds are! One of them zooms around in his walker and is already commando crawling. I am far from ready to deal with a more mobile baby. I love that Cameron is content to stay in her bouncer and coo at her toybar while I'm washing dishes. Or I can start her bath while she is lying on her changing table. Plus she is so snuggly!

While I look forward to seeing Cameron grow and change and learn lots of new things I also am already mourning her infant-hood for how brief it will be. It's kind of like having a puppy. I just want her to stay this small forever! Am I alone in this wish? Is this why people have more kids?

I've given up on tummy time on her playmat and started using the Boppy instead. As you can see, Cameron likes it much better! And this is a great shot to see how blue her eyes are now. Blueberry blue just like her Daddy.

A few people have told me how cute she is while we are out and I respond, "Well, I think so too but I'm biased!" My grandmother says I should just say thank you but I can't help it...


Scott Sweeney said...

God, GREAT photos of her!

Donna said...

Each stage is better than the last and each stage makes you cry for the last....the way of the world. She is beautiful (but you already know that)

Sotorrific Twins said...

yes, she is adorable! and tummy time on the boppy is great - my 6 month olds still love it. I give them regular tummy time, too but they still prefer the boppy. You do what you gotta do!