Tuesday, June 9, 2009

At least I can blame her one day

DH was trying to be nice. A couple of weeks ago I came to him with a strand of hair in between my fingers and asked, "Is this a gray hair?" DH is an expert on gray hair having started turning gray at age 18. He glanced at it and responded, "No, it's blond." I was relieved and went on with my day.

But my suspicions grew as I started seeing an odd sparkle when I looked in the mirror. Blond doesn't sparkle. And I was forced to admit it, without DH's help. I had a gray hair. Actually two gray hairs. Do they come in pairs normally? The weird thing is they are coming out of my widow's peak. So there is no way I can "hide" them behind other hair. But I'm not willing to start dying my hair yet, so they will stay for now.

I am already plotting about how to use this to my advantage when Cameron is older and acting out. Yes, I know that it's heredity that determines when we start going gray but the timing is too good to pass up. For consideration:
"Every gray hair on this head is because of you!"
"I never had gray hair until you were born!"
"Do you want to give me more gray hair!?!"

How about the rest of you? When did you start going gray? How quickly can I expect my two hairs to multiply? What other good one-liners can I use?


Amanda said...

I got my first streak of gray when I was 16, and haven't gotten anymore. so you might get lucky and have a long break before you get anymore:)

Mommy, Esq. said...

I got my first couple - oh, wait, no longer here. Hee!

LauraC said...

I got my first grey hairs after the boys were born but they were born in my 30s. Could be coincidental.

I pull them out! It is just a few right now. Next step: highlights

Helen said...

My last few classes of kids have done me in- a lot at the temples and along my part line, but your wedding hair dresser Amy, my now hair dresser, is a magician and I barely notice them not between appointments

jerseygirl77 said...

1) Pluck them out!!! It is an old wives' tale that 2 will grow in their place. :-P
2) I have only found them during my pregnancies- first one found at age 27, blah. Hence I am forced to conclude that yes, my kids have given me gray hair.
3) See #1

Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

Oddly enough, I got my first grays at 25, right after giving birth to my first son. Not too bad, just a few here and there. Nothing I felt the need to cover up with hair color. After the birth of my second child 3 1/2 years later, it got exceedingly worse. And, here I am at 31, coloring religiously every 8 weeks because all of my gray is in the front. You may be ok for now. It took a while for mine to get more and more.