Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I swear I was watching her grow

Cameron has decided to ignore conventional wisdom and embark on a growth spurt in her 11th week. This is her first growth spurt that I've noticed and I'm exhausted! She is feeding about every 2 hours (starting at 4 AM) and I have to supplement because I'm not producing enough. Or rather, I'm not producing it fast enough for the little glutton.

I got her up for her playdate we hosted and I swear she was bigger than when I put her down. Her clothes are definitely stretching to the limit which means next week we are moving into the 3-6 month stuff. Has anyone else experienced what I have in seeing their children physically grow? Or am I going crazy?

Cameron is a sweetheart while Grammy and Bumpa are in town Cameron's affection for her toy presages her growth spurt.


Anonymous said...

If I may offer some assvice... Don't supplement. It's counterproductive (literally). Just nurse her and nurse her some more, even though it's frustrating for both of you. Drink lots of water, eat oatmeal, and rest as much as possible. (Will she nurse side-lying?) In about 48 hours your supply will ramp up and she'll be sated again. If you continue to supplement, you won't build your supply and may have to continue supplementing indefinitely.

It's been my experience that growth spurts can happen at any time. (sigh) And they do seem to grow overnight sometimes! :-)

Donna said...

Jerseygirl is right. It depends how you want to deal with it. With DS1 I supplemented, but with DS2, I just sat on the couch and nursed every 20 minutes or so. Exhausting, but worth it!

Mommy, Esq. said...

If you also do constant nursing your supply will rock before you go back to work which I know was a goal. You hate oatmeal so do the oatmeal bars - or add oatmeal to homa-made muffins (I do that for the kids). And lots and lots of water and 1 beer a day.