Monday, June 22, 2009

A wonderful day all around

Apparently I am not cut out to be a stay at home mom. Why? Because today felt absolutely liberating. True, I won't be back at work until Monday but it was wonderful to spend most of the day not thinking about Cameron. Scratch that. I thought about her all day. I just didn't have to think about her in terms of doing something with her or for her.

Cameron wears a special outfit from her aunt Allison for her first day of school.
The house felt oddly quiet after I got back from dropping her off (20 minutes round trip) and it was weird to not have to be quiet while walking around or carry a monitor. I cleaned, talked to my sisters, pumped and then went to the mall. And while at the mall I didn't have to think about the following:
  • Do I have the diaper bag?
  • Will the carriage fit through the store and in the changing room? (I'll have to do another post about how bad stores are about this)
  • Does she need a diaper change?
  • Does she need to eat?
  • Will I be home in time for her next nap?

Me? Extra work while Mommy runs errands? Never!

True, I did have to pay some attention to the clock to be home to pump again but there's a lot more flexibility with pumping than breastfeeding. Plus, now I can see how much she probably gets off of me at her regular feeding times. Very eye opening! I think that with a consistent volume at daycare Cameron might be dropping a feeding. But we'll see.

I called the school around lunch time just to check in. I was told that she had already napped twice (good) and eaten two bottles (also good).

Cameron is ready for her first day of school

After picking Cameron up from school I discovered she had two very short naps (like 15 minutes) and one long 90 minute nap. She was just about to fall asleep for her last nap so I quickly scooped her up and cuddled her. I got snuggles and smiles from her right away. The teachers told me she had a wonderful day which was great to hear.

Cameron is sleeping as I post this for her final nap of the day. We both survived and I would argue thrived during Cameron's first day of school!

Updated: Of course Charlie had to go and throw up all over the carpet as soon as I posted this. Isn't that always the way?!?


Amanda said...

Whoo Hoo! glad to hear you had a good day and not surprise at all about feeling liberated. I felt the same way and slightly guilty for feeling that way. Her napping will get better as she gets use to the new routine.

Donna said...

Nice to hear everything went well. Remember pumping does not empty you completely so she is probably getting a little bit more than you can measure. Glad to know you survived! ;)

Helen said...

Glad today went okay and I'll be there tomorrow for some girl time:) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the video--it's obvious she is trying to talk to you! By the way, when I talked to you this morning, forgot to ask you if you ever found her 3rd blanket. If not, please let me know (email), and I'll send her one. . love to you all!. .Mimi