Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hoping for a smooth start

Tomorrow is Cameron's first day of school. I'm going to take my sister's advice and call it school. Mostly because it makes it sound less like I'm abandoning Cameron than by calling it daycare. Yes, I am a crazy mother, what's it to you?

I plan on dropping her off at what will be her regular drop off time: 7:30 AM. I'm doing this for two reasons. First, DH is traveling so I can't stick him with the drop off and save myself some tears (mine). Second, Cameron's nap starts around then and if I don't drop her off before her first nap I'll have to wait until after her next feeding. I liken it to ripping off a Band-aid. Send her in early and pick her up early.

Fortunately I have some things to keep me occupied. My friend Helen is coming into town on Tuesday so some cleaning needs to be done. And I need to head out for some clothing and shoe shopping. I need some professional looking wear to get me through my first few weeks back at work. Why not wear my old stuff? Two words. Baby weight. Plus any woman will tell you that buying and wearing new clothes is an immediate pick me up. And I will need that for my return to work.

I'm kind of looking forward to dropping off Cameron at school in addition to being extremely reluctant. Let's face it, three months being basically solely responsible for another human being can be very tiring. Now I won't be tied to a nap schedule. No, instead I will be tied to a pumping schedule. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm not optimistic but it must be done.

Depending on how cranky Cameron is (I've been warned) I will try and post tomorrow about her first day. Wish us luck!

Happy first Father's Day to Jeremy!


Amanda said...

Your going to do fine, and its good you have things to occupy yourself with. Call and check on her after a few hours it will easy your mind. And when you pick her up you'll probably be surprised at how unaffected she is even though you are will be going through total separation anxiety.

Donna said...

Good luck - all will be well!