Saturday, June 6, 2009

A fun weekend with the grandparents

Grammy and Bumpa flew into Charlotte on Thursday afternoon for a long weekend visit with Cameron. DH and I are just along for the ride :-) Unlike past visits we had absolutely nothing project-wise for them to do so Bumpa has managed to squeeze in a couple of naps.

Their visit coincided with Taste of Charlotte so we hopped into the car and headed into the city to battle the crowds for a couple of hours. The weather was actually perfect (last year it was pushing 100 degrees!) and we had a chance to sample some of the local restaurants' wares. Cameron was absolutely wonderful. She slept for about 20 minutes and then people watched the rest of the time. She didn't even get cranky despite an abnormally short nap.

Cameron is enthralled by Grammy. She is wonderful at singing songs and playing games with Cameron.

This weekend also saw the first real laughs from Cameron. Adorable! Bumpa is a soft touch and even let Cameron fall asleep on him once for a nap. DH and I realized that we have been remiss in letting Cameron hang out in just a diaper so we rectified that this weekend.


Helen said...

cannot wait to see her:)

Mommy, Esq. said...

She looks so much like Jeremy!

Donna said...

For some reason she just reminds me of hearts!! Strange - but she is so cute.