Friday, June 26, 2009

Ed, Farrah and Michael

DH told me that Farrah Fawcett died yesterday. He then asked me who would be next. I responded, "What do you mean?" DH told me that everything comes in threes. Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, so who would be next? I though David Carradine might apply but was DH argued he died too long ago to count.

Never in a million years did I think that Michael Jackson would be that third celebrity. We were watching the news and the anchor (Brian Williams, I think) announced that they had been planning a retrospective on Farrah Fawcett but Michael Jackson just died so they were going to focus on him. I'm sure Farrah appreciated being upstaged like that!

Ed McMahon was not unexpected. He's kind of become a tragic figure over the past few years. Apparently he spent all his money and was constantly in danger of losing his house. Ed sunk so low to earn money that he even shelled for some "money for gold" company alongside MC Hammer.

Farah Fawcett was also sad because of her anal cancer. Now that's a tough cancer to talk about given the name, don't you think? Plus her idiot son decided drugs was preferable to helping his mother during her time of need. I have to say, it was nice to see Jacklyn Smith again on TV (aside from her Bravo TV show). That woman looks just as good now as she did on Charlie's Angels!

So the only shocking death of the three was Michael Jackson. At 50 years old he died of a heart attack. My first thought was drugs. 50 isn't that old even for a very strange and plastic surgery addicted man. But no details have been released yet. Like Ed McMahon, Michael has also had money problems. Crazy for a person who owned the Beatles catalog. And of course his alleged pedophile predilections. I feel bad for his three kids and wonder if they will end of with anything of his supposed $20 million fortune. A long fall from when he was a billionaire...

Over the next few days, Farrah Fawcett's death will fall by the wayside as it has been coming for the past 3 years with her terminal diagnosis. Ed has basically already been forgotten. But the interest and reporting on Michael Jackson will continue for weeks. What do you think will come out about him? Will we learn more about his kids? His skin condition? His finances?


Donna said...

I was shocked overall that Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest (well, that's what they think and are saying at this point). I look at him like a tragic figure really. There was something wrong in his head and no one was there (since he was a child) to help him. His only real outlet was his music. Whether or not the allegations were true, I feel his life was tragic in many ways.

As for Farrah, I feel for her as well. I think it is horrible that she has been all but forgotten. She deserved better. But I think in some ways she had better, she had people who really loved her around her at her death. I'm not sure you could ask for more (and it was probably something MJ never had).

Additionally, our program just lost a wonderful advocate for breast cancer research funding to a radiation induced sarcoma. She battled breast cancer twice, won, and then died of the cure. How horrible and what a loss to breast cancer community.

LauraC said...

I agree with Donna. Overwhelmingly when I think of the Jackson family, I think of the scars child abuse leaves. It just makes me sad.

Whenever I think of MJ, I try to focus on the music and dance that he brought to the world, because you can not deny he was amazingly talented.

T. said...

Absolutely a tragedy considering his talent. He leaves us with some of the best songs of all time...PYT, Thriller, I Want You Back, We Are the World, Billie Jean, Beat It, Man in the Mirror, and Black or White (last good song he did). But, like the others who posted, it is just a sad story about the scars of child abuse and fame and everything else. He wasn't right, and so hopefully he now finds peace. I will not be shocked when they announce the cause of the cardiac arrest.

And it's so sad that Farrah death is now getting no coverage!

D Anderson said...

i was stunned when i heard about Michael Jackson; he was still relatively young