Saturday, June 20, 2009

I finally got sucked in

For years now I have had people telling me that I would love the Twilight series. After all, I am an avid fantasy series reader. But I scoffed at the suggestion. I am a bit of a fantasy snob and don't really like books set in the "real world." I much prefer the Tolkien type genre of creating whole new worlds and everything associated with them. True, I did devour Harry Potter but who didn't?

Well, I finally caved and bought the first book of the series when I saw it at BJs in hardcover for $11. I had been in a bit of a book slump lately with little reading going on. For me this is unusual. I used to read at least a book a week and usually several. But Twilight reinvigorated my appetite for reading. I picked up the other three books in the series before I even finished the first. And I am very happy that every book in the series is out. No waiting for the next book (hello Patrick Rothfuss and Robert Jordan, I'm talking to you!) which is pure heaven for a quintessential fantasy reader.

I now completely understand why teens went crazy over this series. It has beautiful people, romance, action and whining. Based on the photos I've seen in UsWeekly, the casting director did a great job with the two leads in the movie. I think what I like the best about the books is that Bella is a completely normal girl. No one special. And frankly, that describes 99% of all high school girls which is probably why they now all think they will land an "Edward" of their own.

I don't want to ruin the plots for anyone who hasn't read the books yet but the fourth book is definitely a stretch in terms of believability compared to the first 3. True, nothing is believable about vampires but I mean it comparatively. I'm only a 1/4 of the way into the last book so it might improve plot-wise. Quite a few people (including my mom) think that Bella was too whiny of a character. Perhaps I am still too close to adolescence (stop snickering) but I think her attitude is spot on for her age and situation. She actually kind of reminds me of Buffy a little bit (in terms of the Buffy/Angel plot). But a lot clumsier.

So if you have some spare time and spare cash (only the first two books are currently in paperback) I recommend you read the Twilight series. It will really suck you in. He he he he. Has anyone read the book and seen the movie? How does the movie compare?


Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

Stacey--I too devoured the books, but I am an Anne Rice fan and loved Harry Potter also. I do like the movie, but it lacks a lot of the imagery of the book. I found myself a little let down, but hey who usually isn't when you go from book to movie. It is a tad teeny bopper-ish, but I still watched a couple of times and find it an easy watching/background movie whilst doing other things.

E said...

The 4th doesn't get much better...about 3 books wrapped into one.

Helen said...

we could rent the movie when I come down:)

Donna said...

Funny, I read the books when I was on maternity leave last year. I loved the 1st and 3rd books. The second book made me uncomfortable due to the whole issue with Bella and her psychological state and how her life seemed to be ruined due to what happened with her relationship. I would never allow a tween or teen girl read that book. It just made it seem like a girl was defined by her man and that she didn't have any reason to live if she didn't have him.

Book 4 wasn't great overall. There were a few surprises, but then I loved Jacob by then.

I would say the movie isn't great. Well cast, but not a good movie at all.