Saturday, June 13, 2009

A successful first airplane trip

Cameron was up a little earlier than normal today but that was the only repercussion from our travels yesterday. DH dropped us off at the airport and we breezed through security. I wore Cameron in the Baby Bjorn and had no problem with the metal detectors. Security didn't even bat an eye at the two bottle of milk I sent through.

I fed her a little before boarding the plane and it was very uncomfortable. Not in a "people are staring at me" way but more of a "the arms on this chair aren't high enough to support me as I am feeding her not to mention how narrow the chair is" kind of way. We boarded first and got settled in the window seat. My two seat mates were about to be first time grandmothers so they cooed over Cameron and complimented her incessantly. I approved.

Cameron fussed just a bit before take off, more because she was ready for a nap than anything else. She slept on me for about 30 minutes of the 1 hour flight. I fed her out of a bottle while we landed and she did great. We also had our first diaper change in an airport bathroom. The set up is actually a lot better then the tiny changing stations in most public restrooms.

My only two complaints were that I need an extra hand sometimes and her bottles leaked from the pressurization of the cabin. Thank goodness I put them in plastic bags or her diaper bag would have been a mess.

We don't have much planned today aside from a long walk and perhaps lunch out. I will post cute pictures as soon as I can. Hopefully she will do just as well traveling when we return on Sunday.

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Amanda said...

Congrats on a successful flight.