Friday, June 12, 2009

Cameron's first trip

Cameron and I are about to embark on our first trip together. We are hopping a plane to Baltimore to visit A. and her family. It will be a 48 hour trip which is about my limit for my first trip with an infant. Mommy, Esq. will be flying in Saturday night so we will be having a very short triplet reunion. My brother, Andrew, is also in the area for work. So if his job permits I'll get to see him too. DH is staying home so wish me luck in traveling with Cameron alone!

Unlike Mommy, Esq., I will not be traveling with an entire nursery. A. has everything I need so aside from some clothes, diapers and bottles Cameron and I will be traveling light. She even has an extra car seat and I can use her pump. I've decided to have Cameron in the Baby Bjorn for the trip and check my carry-on bag. Just me, Cameron and a diaper bag will be on the plane. I was surprised when I tried to check in online that because I will have a lap infant I have to check in at the airport. Is that a US Airways policy or all airlines?

A. and I plan to take oodles of pictures of Cameron and Lucy. And of Finn of course! I think that Lucy is bigger than Cameron now even though she is almost 4 weeks younger! I'll try to post while traveling but if the blog gods don't cooperate it won't be until Sunday night. By then I will be an experienced parent traveler. Scary thought...


Danielle said...

Good luck! I traveled on a plane the first time with Brady alone too. It was fine. And now he's great on the plane for the most part. One tip is to have Cameron be sucking (a paci, a boob, a bottle, your finger) during takeoff and landing. They say it helps to equalize the pressure in the ears and I think it also serves to distract them. Brady's least favorite part is takeoff, but now I have to use snacks, animal planet, and coloring to distract him.
I think all airlines have you check in at the airport with an infant. One reason is to check that it's your baby and you aren't making off with somebody's kid.
Have fun seeing the family!

Anonymous said...

We'll be thinking of you all this weekend. . .wish we had a magic carpet! Lots of love, have a safe and happy trip!. . .Mimi